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All you in need to know about Staff Augmentation in 2023

Hiring new permanent employees is time-consuming, expensive, and tedious. A business owner’s most significant challenge can be completing their company’s staffing needs.

Staffing encompasses more than just hiring new employees. The key is to put in place mechanisms and processes that motivate employees to stay with the organization. The program also aims to develop employees’ skills so they can contribute to the company’s growth.

Suppose an employee suddenly quits after training. What are business owners supposed to do? In the case of a new project, how does HR outsourcing fit in with staffing requirements?

Staff augmentation is the solution.

What is staff augmentation?

In staff augmentation, outsourcing is used to hire resources. An outsourcing company usually sources temporary resources from third-party vendors.

Resource augmentation aims to enhance a company’s workforce capacity through flexible hiring models. A third-party vendor, also known as a service provider, finds and contracts talent worldwide to fulfill a company’s staffing needs. Our discussion of resource augmentation strategies will elaborate on this further.

How does Staff Augmentation benefit companies?

Staff augmentation offers the following surprising benefits:

A full-time employee is more costly, time-consuming, and inefficient than bringing on specialized professionals to work on a specific project, so companies can expand their teams by hiring technical professionals to work individually on a short-term basis. Thus, it avoids expenses associated with salaries, benefits, and other costs related to hiring someone who may or may not have the skillsets to work on a particular project.

Scaling up faster is made more accessible
Your workforce can be estimated cost-effectively with staff augmentation. Companies can scale their businesses faster if they reduce costs while hiring the best talent for particular projects. A temporary staffing solution is a perfect way to handle ongoing or upcoming projects on a project-by-project basis. That means you can take on more business without sacrificing the quality of your work.

More control
Providing companies with the opportunity to hire based on particular skills is ideal for short-term projects that require temporary employees to work for a limited number of hours. It allows companies to divide the costs of hiring a full-time expert with skillful talent. Staff augmentation can be customized to meet the needs of a company’s permanent workforce by classifying the skills or areas where they require support. Additionally, it keeps expenses low and businesses under control.

It is better than outsourcing entirely
It is an outsourcing method that allows companies to control the skills and experience they need from temporary workers, even though staff augmentation is a type of outsourcing. A significant advantage of this method is that companies can observe their temporary hires’ progress as they work with their full-time employees, thereby eliminating any potential downsides associated with outsourcing projects completely. In addition to maintaining the confidentiality of their projects, staff augmentation allows businesses to make real-time suggestions for the project.

In this way, you’re able to get an objective view
It may be useful for a company to have an outsider perspective when hiring temporary staff. New people can offer new ideas and suggestions for improvements that may be too occupied by their jobs to be implemented by permanent employees. Many workplaces are different, so the dynamic will vary from office to office. This aim or outsider’s voice may boost productivity and ideas in the workplace. Staff augmentation offers a great advantage over full-time employee hiring in terms of reducing the chance of temporary staff becoming involved in office politics.

Strategies for staff augmentation

On-site augmentation
IT firms use this strategy because they often require a resource on-site for tech workers, among other things. It means hiring temporary workers on-site to supplement the capabilities of a company’s existing workforce.

Onshore augmentation
Onshore augmentation involves hiring a resource who lives in the same country as the outsourcing company. This strategy has the main advantage of allowing both the resource and the best IT company to operate in the same time zone, despite the fact that they may not be located in the same town or city.

Nearshore augmentation
An outsourcing company may utilize a nearshore augmentation strategy when it hires a resource in the same country as its operations. Thus, nearshore refers to resources located in neighboring countries. In addition, there is only a few hours time difference between the resource’s country and the company’s country.

Offshore augmentation
Offshore augmentation refers to hiring resources from countries far from the country of the outsourcing company. What is the purpose of using offshore resources? To reduce labor costs. Cheap and skilled labor can often be found in developing countries.


As a result of the information provided above, staff augmentation can be an effective and dynamic hiring strategy. Staffing solutions help companies meet their staffing needs in a flexible manner, resulting in greater efficiency.

Resources augmentation is one aspect of outsourcing that has seen an exponential rise due to the covid19 pandemic. This industry will continue to grow and evolve as companies adopt more innovative methods of achieving their goals. The following tips will help you implement staff augmentation successfully.

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