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Walter Reed AMC

Walter Reed Army Medical – Internal Medicine House Staff Evaluation System

Developed Web based Oracle 9i Portal and JAVA application (utilizing an 8i database) that was used to evaluate medical interns. The staff of doctors are able to evaluate each intern based on their performance in numerous categories. At the end of each quarter, each doctor and intern is given a report showing their average scores for each category for the time period. Each intern is also given a total score based on a weighted average for each question.

Walter Reed Army Medical – Urology Scheduling System

Developed Web based enterprise solution to schedule surgeries and procedures within the Urology Department. The user can assign a room and a time to each surgery or procedure. The system can produce reports detailing the number of surgeries or procedures completed within a specified timeframe. The previous scheduling system was in Access. The Access application was converted to a Web base enterprise solution that was written in ASP, JAVA and JavaScript, which utilized an Oracle 8i database.

Walter Reed Army Medical – The Integrated Clinical Data Base (ICDB)

Responsible for providing maintenance support for ICDB at WRAMC. ICDB is a database that interfaces with several Military Health Systems such as CHCS, ADS, CoPath, CIS, C-Trax and I-Trax. ICDB correlates information from each database into one easy to read only format for doctors, nurses and lab technicians to retrieve patient clinical information. ICDB interfaces with CHCS through standard HL7 messaging. ICDB utilizes Oracle 8i, ASP, XML, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports.

Walter Reed Army Medical – Corporate Database

Gathered requirements and defined the database for a Personnel tracking system at WRAMC. The Corporate Database design planned to integrate the following applications: MilPersIS (Military Personnel Information System), Parking, Integrated Telephone, DRMTDA (Directorate of Resource Management), Brigade, Postal Locator, and Education and Training into one database. This would eliminate duplication of effort and redundancy of data.

Walter Reed Army Medical – Server Administration

Installed Oracle 9iAS Portal, Oracle 8i, and Oracle 9i on numerous servers at WRAMC.

Walter Reed Army Medical – Telemedicine Reconstructive Surgery Support Systems

Currently developing web based enterprise solutions within Telemedicine to rapidly develop and deliver a series of web applications to support 3D Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery initiatives. This initiative is to assist doctors out in the field with performing reconstructive surgery for injured soldiers. Development Environments and languages consist of: Dreamweaver MX, Flash MX, Java Server Pages (JSP), Java Servlets, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), HTML and DHTML, JavaScript, XML, TOAD, Erwin. Platforms: Oracle Application Server 9i, Oracle RDBMS 9i, and Windows 2000 and XP.

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