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How to make your business recession-proof with technology?

A business’s ability to keep customers loyal during a recession is determined by how well it provides the best possible customer experience.

You can keep your customers coming back to you when budgets get tight by becoming the kind of supplier they enjoy doing business with and find real value from.

Today is the best time to get started.

It is often said that we prepared well before the problem occurred. Many companies that moved to the cloud before the pandemic hit in March 2020 cite this as a significant reason for their success. In the aftermath of 9/11, companies that offered excellent customer service before that disaster enjoyed much stronger and more sustainable business levels.

The worst thing you want is to be behind the curve in a recession and play “catch-up,” which is impossible when revenue generation is becoming harder and every cost is becoming more challenging.

Here’s how you can maximize positive customer experiences right now

Firstly, focus more on customer retention than new customer recruitment. More helpful info, positive attention, and recognition will make your customers happier. Here’s how:

Implement an automated customer response system and order processing system

Maintaining reliability and consistency with automated systems is more accessible than with humans. Customers tend to order more and refer more when inquiries and orders are answered quickly. It’s good to follow up with customers to see how they’re doing, and you’ll get more appreciation.

Make everything automated

Compared to people, automated systems can handle the majority of simple and repetitive processes much more efficiently and cost-effectively. As a result, people doing these types of tasks get disenchanted and burnt out sooner. Managing workflows connects automated processes with those handled by humans so that each step is done on time and correctly.

It would be best if you automated customer inquiry processes whenever possible. Customers will appreciate not waiting for a response and can get their answers quickly and easily.

Using automated systems internally to protect against risk, identify opportunities, identify fraud attempts, and use other potential exploits is better. Security breaches or other compromises during a recession are the last things you want.

Access across all channels

The way your company communicates with your customers depends on them. Some like to call, while others like to text. Some like email. Others want an easy-to-access website. You’ll get better results if you give them more options for communication. If they can look for and evaluate products on one channel and then place their order on another, that’s awesome.

Knowing your customers is vital

Knowing your customers better lets, you recommend the right stuff to them. By comparing your customer database with your product database, AI-based recommender engines can decide which product is best for each customer and send them valuable information based on those choices. These recommendations become more accurate the more info you have about the customer.

A lot of profits can be retained when automated sales don’t require commission payments to salespeople.

The Human Interaction

In Maslow’s famous hierarchy of needs, belonging is one of the most basic needs of all humans, even if they ultimately reach a human operator. If you can greet them by name by a call agent who knows who they are, they will feel a sense of belonging.

You need to make sure your employees are comfortable with technology and personable and proactive when creating great customer experiences.

It’s all upon you

Expertise isn’t necessarily a prerequisite for knowing how to automate your business or prepare it to survive a recession.

There’s no doubt you need to do this preparation now! You’ve got to find and hire experts who know how to automate processes, improve customer service, and produce amazing customer experiences and business results.

Don’t wait. The next recession is coming. Be ready now to avoid being unprepared when it happens.

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