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Designing effective processes and improving workflow equals customer satisfaction and high-quality services.

Using a process-based management plan is a value that MTC holds with great regards. We specialize in process-focus planning, design, and operational support of Staffing and Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) solutions. We look into all aspects of our plans to make sure our clients get the best solutions. MTC has used various methods of contracting vehicles to weigh out the procedure of goods and services for our clients. Some of the process-based approaches MTC uses to successfully execute design and redesign methods of IT services include Six Sigma and the ITIL.

Practice Methods and Tools:

Highlighted Areas

Process Design and Documentation

MTC’s usage of Tableau desktop solutions has helped in the creation of Ad Hoc Query reports and dashboards for the ITIL process. Our Process Managers have created query reports through the usage of backed data sources, like EXCEL, in correlation with Tableau desktop.

Process Standardization

MTC implements Six Sigma and ITIL standards. We ensure that staff are trained in these methodologies.

Other Services

Our portfolio includes end-to-end software engineering services, from strategy to ongoing sustenance and software product evolution.

Enterprise System Services

Project Management

ITSM Auditing

Process Management

System Engineering

Application Services

Platform and Tool Services

Consulting Services

Scheduled Courses