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Caseforce is used by organizations to provide a web-based enterprise solution


Caseforce is a web-based case management tracking solution that allows organizations to provide an overall level of improvement in scheduling Person-Centered – Individual Service Plans, tracking intake, tracking client services, tracking incidents, providing trend reporting, and monitoring consumer and provider quality assurance controls. Caseforce can assist the organization’s personnel and client advocates in ensuring proper services and supports that are provided for their clients.

Caseforce is used by organizations to provide a web-based enterprise solution for tracking client data to support Case Intake, Case Management, Program Management, Day Programs, Client Benefits, Quality Assurance, Residential Services, and Clinical Services, divisions. Specifically, Caseforce was designed to be customized to support the organization’s concept of operations, records major data elements of mission-critical documents, and accomplishes the following:

Functions as a repository for client data
Follows the Case Management Lifecycle based on your organization’s workflow and policies
Captures results of the Individual Service Plan planning process
Captures Incident information
Sends automated notifications via Email based on your organization’s alert process (i.e. Incident Alerts and Quality Assurance Issue Alerts)
Change of Placement
Tracks approved Providers
Implements services based on funding source
Supports quality assurance
Ability to upload, store and view scanned documents, PDF, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, etc.

Caseforce will allow authorized users the ability to access client support information from any computer that has an internet connection worldwide. By allowing access to all users at once, Caseforce now becomes the central repository for all of your organization’s case management information. With Caseforce, the use of client-side applications is no longer needed.

Why Caseforce?

With business constantly moving, satellite offices, telecommuting, and wireless connectivity, the need for a centrally supported application are growing ever more in demand. Caseforce provides that solution and keeps your support groups connected to your business.

Individuals can log issues in a central database that can be accessed by any authorized user from around the globe, giving them an answer to their problem at a rapid rate. By creating this central database, a knowledge base for your business solution can be created fast and accurately.

A web-based case management solution provides the ease of installation and maintenance of one server location. No individual client installations or updates are needed. Also by creating Caseforce as a web-based application, telecommuters, field agents or any individual on the move, can access and report any issues or search the boundless information of the knowledge base created by the system from any internet-based device such as a laptop or a PDA.

Caseforce – Professional is for companies using Access® for their database management systems (DBMS). You do not need to have Access® installed on each PC that will use Caseforce.

Caseforce – Enterprise edition works with Access® but is also compatible with other more powerful database management systems such as Microsoft SQL Server®, and Oracle®.

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